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What is Empathy and Why is it Important in Divorce Mediation?

What is Empathy and Why is it Important in Divorce Mediation?

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Divorce mediation for pre-decree divorce means that a couple spends time with a neutral divorce mediator to discuss the issues before or at the same time they are working with attorneys to resolve the issues. At Chicago’s C.E.L. & Associates, Inc., one or two divorce mediators meet with both spouses at the same time. We believe this fosters trust and confidence in the divorce mediator, the process and the other spouse. Since the divorce mediator is always neutral, this facilitates making agreements while everyone is participating in the same conversation.


Post-divorce decree mediation typically happens when communication has broken down between the parties or one person wants to change a parenting schedule. Often the couple has settled into their life after divorce and are not running decisions by their ex-spouse or asking approval for decisions they are supposed to be making as a team. Like pre-decree divorce mediation, the parties may be ordered to mediate or may seek the assistance of a divorce mediator voluntarily.


Family & marital mediation helps couples resolve issues they may be having in their marriage regardless of whether they are ready to discuss the possibility of a divorce. The neutral Chicago’s marital mediator at C.E.L. & Associates, Inc., can help the couple have conversations about some of the same kind of issues they would mediate were they divorcing. Parenting styles, separate time with the children so that a parent might have time alone or time with a friend, respecting decisions the other might be making in a career or personal situation


Co-Mediation is the most effective, efficient and cost-effective way for couples to go through the divorce process. Sitting in a room together to brainstorm and resolve issues of parenting time, holiday schedule, sharing parenting responsibilities and resolving finances with a neutral party offers many advantages. Imagine the increased benefit of having two mediators at every meeting? When divorcing parties learn how to communicate better in addition to solving problems and handling their finances, they are more invested in the process.


At C.E.L. & Associates, Inc. in Chicago, the concept of marriage is approached with both romance and practicality through their specialized Prenuptial Mediation services. This service caters to couples who are keen on laying a transparent and equitable foundation for their union. Prenuptial Agreement Mediation goes beyond traditional legal formalities; it's a process where love and logic coalesce, allowing couples to discuss future financial plans, assets, and expectations in a supportive environment. The expert mediators at C.E.L. & Associates, Inc. skillfully guide these discussions, ensuring that both parties' views are respected and considered.


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  • I would recommend him 100%
    Review starsMy now ex husband and I were referred to Brian James. Our first contact with him was in May and we were divorced by September. (Which is as fast as physically possible following the timeframe of the court system). Brian was easy to communicate with, and he was always available…


  • Made our process feel seamless
    Review starsWorking with Ellen and Brian made our process feel seamless! The professional pair very much offered an example of productive, respectful communication. I am grateful for the recommendation I received to working with this dynamic duo! Their professionalism and combined knowledge helped guide us potentially tough conversation points aimed at…

    Renee Clarke

  • Brian was just fantastic
    Review starsWe worked primarily with Brian James, with help from Anne Levinstein. Brian was just fantastic! He kept things moving, kept track of a whole lot of information, and was able to understand complicated financial issues. He was impartial and great at getting both sides together. He was very supportive.  

    Ann Marshbanks

  • Definitely recommend!
    Review starsBrian was so great to work with and made mediation a breeze. He made something that would've been a nightmare to do, paperwork, so much easier during our difficult time. Definitely recommend!

    Crystal Brandt

  • Brian was very helpful with our divorce!
    Review starsBrian was very helpful with our divorce, in places with got stuck, he explained both sides. We kept our daughter as the priority. My ex-husband and I have different schedules. Brian worked with us to set up meetings. He is very good at what he does. It was a difficult…

    Sandy Buckler

  • They are very knowledgeable and supportive.
    Review starsBrian and Ellen were great as I was going through a divorce from a very angry man almost 10 years ago! Having two mediators was great. It helped neutralize situations that could have gone wrong b/c one could play good cop and the other bad cop. They are very knowledgeable…

    Sarah M.

  • Brian is logical and offers the least complicated solution.
    Review starsI cannot speak highly enough of Brian and how much he helped the divorce process go smoothly. Major life changes are stressful and it made a difference having a non-biased person in the middle to help. I feel like half the stress level was taken away by his assistance. Divorces…

    April L.

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