What to Expect

What to Expect During Mediation

Mediation is a kind of dispute resolution chosen by couples who wants to separate or divorce without legal intervention and control the process. In mediation, both parties meet with a trained mediator who facilitates negotiation of all marital issues. One of the most important things to know about a mediator is that he or she is impartial and does not represent either party. Additionally, they will explain the general rules regarding mediation, in a neutral way, and will not show any preference for either party’s position in the divorce. The mediator will not tell you what is best for you on any given issue. Instead, they will offer suggestions and ideas they believe might work for your family, based on information you have provided them during the process.

Before mediation, our divorce mediators will ask you to fill out an information sheet with contact information and facts about your children and marriage. At the first session, typically by zoom right now, the mediator will discuss the ground rules and the process with you. The mediation agreements govern their association with you, which is 100% confidential. Conversations with a mediator, whether by email, telephone, or during mediation sessions, are not discoverable in divorce litigation. You cannot ask a divorce mediator to testify in any divorce case for either party.

In addition, what else can you expect from our session? This page will provide some vital information on what you should expect during your mediation session. And, of course, we are happy to answer any of your questions related to the types of mediation we offer.

A Calm, Productive Environment
The first thing to consider about your divorce mediation session is that you will probably be in the room with your spouse. However, with mediations via Zoom, we are able to alleviate our clients being in the same room if needed. On a few occasions, clients opt to retain lawyers during their time with us. In such cases, our mediator may share the room with you and your lawyer, addressing the issues without your spouse’s presence. The mediator then goes to the other room, meeting separately with your spouse and his or her respective attorney. However, you may have no choice but to be in a room with your spouse and our divorce mediator. Though this can be difficult for clients going through an exceptionally emotional and distressing separation, this approach mentally prepares you for such an arrangement.

What to Expect From a Divorce Mediation Session:

  • You can expect the session to last around two hours. Clients usually require four to six sessions to get to a complete agreement.
  • Our divorce mediator will take notes regarding parenting agreements and financial arrangements. We believe in a meticulous, honest process, which is an integral part of a successful mediation.
  • The primary goal of our mediators is to represent both parties and help them reach agreements good for their entire family.
  • You, your spouse, and your divorce mediator will address all the relevant issues: financial or those pertaining to the family, throughout your session. These issues are often delicate and complex but working through them is our goal.
  • Mediation sessions are conducted in a peaceful, controlled, and calm atmosphere. Though we know the issues to be discussed and agreed are emotionally draining, we believe we can work through any disagreement to find a reasonable solution.

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