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The Demographics of the CEL & Associates Client Uncontested
Divorce Mediation

What We See

At CEL & Associates, we are incredibly proud to say we have helped clients from all over Illinois and Wisconsin with their pre-divorce agreements, post-divorce agreements and agreements for parents who have children but are not married. We have helped clients with millions of dollars in assets, businesses, complex finances, those who have nothing but debts, and everywhere in between. Anyone, no matter the situation, is appropriate for mediation and avoiding litigation.

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful life experiences you will ever face. So, finding a qualified professional to assist you should never be the most challenging part of the divorce process. A good divorce mediator will meet with the two of you at a time that is convenient for your schedules, not theirs. A good divorce mediator will respond to your emails, phone call and texts in a timely manner and not only respond during “business hours”. A good divorce mediator should be there when you need them.

We understand every couple we work with is unique, and for many years we have earned a reputation of excelling at what we do. Our method and process have been effective regardless of the situation, from clients who are laid back to clients who argue all the time. We know how to facilitate agreements for our clients, and we have a track record of doing just that.

Generally Speaking, our Clients in Chicago:

  • Are Internet-savvy; you know how to get what you are looking for online, but you know better than to trust every do-it-yourself divorce form you notice on the internet or rely exclusively on information you read online.
  • Often have high combined incomes, frequently over $100,000 a year; these situations present some unique challenges that our mediators are well-versed in resolving.
  • Want what is best for their children. Studies show that children whose parents go through a mediated divorce are better off than those whose parents who choose to go through a litigated divorce with attorneys, where a judge makes the final decision for you. We stay current on Illinois and Wisconsin laws and how judges are ruling on certain issues to settle parenting issues with a plan that best helps the children.
  • Want transparent, fair, and consistent pricing; that is what we promise. They know we do not bill our clients for a brief email, text or a 5-minute phone call. They know we will not nickel and dime them. 
  • Have major conflicts to resolve; people often think that uncontested divorce mediation is only relevant when there are few differences, but that is far from true. Our mediators often work in high-conflict situations to help keep clients away from litigation and using their children as pawns.
  • People who can think outside the box, leave behind the courtroom divorce’s traditional paradigm, and explore more creative alternatives.

You might not fall into every single one of these categories, nor is the list above comprehensive. However, we are confident our system has the ability to help just about anyone in need of mediation services. If you think an innovative, transparent and straightforward uncontested divorce process is what you are looking for, then please call our divorce mediators at CEL & Associates today.

C.E.L. & Associates, Inc. is an Experienced Group of Divorce Mediators, Therapists & Parenting Coordinators in Chicago, Libertyville, Rolling Meadows, Northbrook, Kenosha, Crystal Lake, Naperville & Paddock Lake.

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