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At C.E.L. & Associates, when children are involved, from babies to college age, their best interests are our primary focus when mediating divorces. When emotions such as anger, hurt, hatred and fear of the unknown come up during divorce mediation sessions, our divorce mediators assist our clients in redirecting and refocusing these emotions toward a focus on what is best for their children, and not either of them, when sessions get heated. Though this is easier said than done, as divorce mediators, we have no emotions in your divorce. Our Divorce Mediators are trained to keep the process moving forward and toward good agreements, and when things pop up that have the potential to derail the process, we help remind our clients why they are mediating, to stay out of court, keep their children out of court and focus on their children’s best interests.

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Services By C.E.L. & Associates, Inc.

  • Pre-Decree Divorce Agreements by Divorce Mediators Paddock Lake

    Pre-Decree Divorce Agreements

    Divorce mediation for pre-decree divorce means that a couple spend time with a neutral divorce mediator to discuss the issues before or at the same time they are working with attorneys to resolve the Issues.

  • Post-Decree Divorce Agreements by Divorce Mediators  Paddock Lake

    Post-Decree Divorce Agreements

    Post-divorce decree mediation typically happens when communication has broken down between the parties or one person wants to change a parenting schedule.

  • Family and Marital Mediation by Family Mediators  Paddock Lake

    Marital/Family Mediation

    Family & marital mediation helps couples resolve issues they may be having in their marriage regardless of whether they are ready to discuss the possibility of a divorce.

  • Co-Mediation Services by Parenting Coordinators Paddock Lake

    Co-Mediation Services

    Co-Mediation offers more than twice the benefits of solo practitioner mediation. mediation is the most effective, efficient and cost-effective way

Divorce mediation services can be arranged during all phases of a divorce.

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Though courthouses are slowly opening back up, and people are starting to attend court dates in person, successfully mediated cases will continue to be heard in court via Zoom in some counties. Imagine, one brief Zoom appearance and your divorce is finalized. Since March 2020, except for a handful of clients, we have conducted our mediation sessions exclusively via Zoom. Though we were skeptical at first, we have been pleasantly surprised with the following observations: our clients are more civil toward each other, they are completing mediation more efficiently, which lessens the overall cost and time it takes to get divorced, and their ability to co-parent their children remains intact, as they not "burning bridges" during the divorce. At C.E.L. & Associates, Inc., Zoom is here to stay.

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