How Divorce Mediation Could Help You Avoid an Ugly Litigation Battle

Author: Brian James | | Categories: divorce attorney , divorce mediation , divorce mediator , mediation training

How Divorce Mediation Could Help You Avoid an Ugly Litigation Battle

Going through a divorce is an emotionally draining experience that not just depletes your finances, but causes months of anxiety and stress, due to long-drawn out court battles and the nitty-gritty details that need to be ironed out. However, a new trend has been emerging where couples going through a divorce, more than ever before, are looking for alternatives to the litigation method of divorce.

There is a growing demand for professional assistance to assist couples to move away from the traditional litigation model for divorce. There are many reasons for this, including lower costs, people not wanting to fight, or drag the divorce out and efficiency. An increasing number of studies are showing the harmful effects litigated divorces have on children.  Parents are prepared to settle their battles in a way that doesn’t affect their kids.

The most important aspect of avoiding litigation for divorce is the positive effect it has on minor children as well the parents. When people make an effort not to litigate, they remain good co-parents and are able to work together as a team for their children. In addition, the shift to litigation alternatives, like mediation, saves thousands of dollars and turns a two-year divorce into a four-month divorce. The longer someone is embroiled in a divorce, the more harm it does to everyone involved.

However, mediation and all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (non-litigation) are based on trust, empathy and the parties working together to keep the divorce process civil. Unfortunately, some people are not capable or willing to work with their spouse, some refuse to negotiate, and others will agree to whatever their spouse wants out of fear of ongoing emotional abuse.

Though I am a 100% advocate of mediation and keeping people out of court, I also know that some people need a zealous advocate to fight for them, and look out for them at every step of the divorce.

At C.E.L. & Associates, Inc., we believe that people going through divorce need to educate themselves about the kind of services they need. Instead of automatically thinking they need to fight and hiring an aggressive attorney, people need to think of litigation as the last or worst case scenario. Give mediation or alternative dispute resolutions a try. Chances are you’ll be able to successfully negotiate a good divorce agreement without fighting.  This will help you stay on the same page as good parents for your children.

As the best divorce mediation and parenting coordinator services across Chicago and surrounding areas, we strongly suggest that you don’t fight or litigate unless you have exhausted all other ways of getting your divorce agreements reached. You, your soon-to-be ex, and most importantly your children, will all be better off staying out of court.