Parenting Coordinators - Helping High Conflict Parents Stay Out Of Court

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Parenting Coordinators - Helping High Conflict Parents Stay Out Of Court

Going through a divorce is a trying time for many, especially when both parties refuse to see eye to eye. However, when parents separate and are continuously in disagreement with each other, their children’s best interests are often neglected. Conflicting parents usually end up going to court to sort out minor issues, and in some cases, the whole litigation process delays vital decisions that may be related to a child’s health care, education, or other significant matters.

To allow fair, immediate decisions and to keep things civil between the couple going through a divorce, a Parenting Coordinator may be required to ensure the child’s needs are met. A Parenting Coordinator is typically a Divorce Mediator or other mental health professional, who is agreed upon by the parties or appointed by a judge, to work with high conflict parents in an attempt to keep them out of court.

How do Parenting Coordinator services work?

The purpose of a Parenting Coordinator is to make legally binding decisions, typically parenting-related ones, for parents who are unable to reach agreements on their own. The professional works with high conflict parents, sometimes on a daily basis, to make decisions for them when an issue arises. These decisions are made immediately unlike resolutions obtained through court after spending months and thousands of dollars for a decision.

A Parenting Coordinator is beneficial to parents as decisions are made immediately and based on the children’s best interests. They also benefit our court system, as they keep disagreements on day to day parenting issues out of court, and quickly handle decisions that require immediate resolution, which courts are not equipped to do.

How do you find a Parenting Coordinator?

These Divorce Mediators can either be agreed on by the parents or ordered by a judge. To make the arrangement work, the Parenting Coordinator must have the ability to make legally binding decisions for the parents, decisions that can only be overturned by a judge.

To engage a professional Parenting Coordinator, you have four avenues, and they include browsing the internet, requesting a judge’s assistance, speaking to attorneys, and going by word of mouth. While choosing this legal expert, it is essential to make sure the person you hire has experience and is comfortable working with high conflict parents.

Most Parenting Coordinators work off a retainer and have an hourly rate. However, in some cases, the fees may vary depending on the level of conflict between the parties. Some parents have daily disagreements and require immediate decisions. Other parents only need these services periodically.

Are there alternatives to this service?

Compromise is the best alternative there is to a Parenting Coordinator in this situation. Sadly, beyond that, if the parents are unable to agree on day-to-day parenting issues, their next option is court intervention and a judge telling them what to do. With a Parenting Coordinator, parents and children are kept out of the court system, a system that does not always handle families in conflict efficiently.

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