Why Getting Divorced Without Professional Guidance Is A Bad Idea

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Before initiating the divorce process, you need to decide whether you want to proceed with or without a lawyer. If you and your spouse agree to get a divorce and are on good terms, you might think that it is not necessary to hire a divorce attorney. However, that is not true.

While handling your own divorce may save you the cost of hiring an attorney, you will still have to deal with the legalities and paperwork of your divorce by yourself. If you mishandle them, you could incur unnecessary costs and legal headaches.

To give you an idea of what could go wrong without complete knowledge of how to obtain a divorce through the court system, the experts at C.E.L. & Associates, Inc. have highlighted three reasons why getting divorced without professional guidance is not a good idea.

1. Lack of knowledge of the legal requirements
To get divorced, every state has its own laws which must be followed. If you are not an attorney specializing in family law, you would not know what is required by the laws of your particular state. This can lead to an invalid divorce, an unfavorable settlement, or the loss of money and assets.

2. Inequitable division of assets
When you file for and finalize a divorce, you must divide your marital assets, share equity in the house, divide retirement accounts, and possibly divide other assets. The division of these assets can either be equal or equitable, based on the circumstances of both parties in terms of earning capacity, health, inheritance and other factors. Unfortunately, if you don’t understand how to make the appropriate division, you could divide your assets inappropriately. 

3. A financial settlement is final once entered with the court
Once your divorce settlement is taken to court, the final decision lies with the court. Once a decision is made, it cannot be reversed unless there is substantial evidence to reconsider the judgment. That means, if you don’t represent the facts accurately, you cannot go back and change the outcome of your divorce.

Do things right - Hire a professional
To ensure you receive a just divorce settlement, you need to seek the advice of an experienced divorce attorney. These professionals will have a valid license for each state in which they practice. Besides this, they will have knowledge of family law regarding parenting and financial aspects of divorce. They will also be able to help you acquire the documents required by the state for the initiation and resolution of your divorce. Moreover, they will be able to interpret the legal requirements to keep your case going and defend your rights to ensure the settlement is fair and just.

If you are thinking about going to court yourself to obtain your divorce, we strongly advise against it. Going to court for a divorce can be extremely costly. On the other hand, mediation can be less expensive and just as effective. All you will need is a mediator, an attorney to address the legalities of your case, and a financial advisor if you have complicated financial assets.

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