What Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Can Teach Us About the Neutrality of the Mediator

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Pitt and Jolie's divorce has taken a long time, filed for in 2016, although divorced in 2019 their agreement regarding child custody and financial assets is still ongoing. Jolie and Pitt decided to take a private judge (Judge John W. Ouderkirk) for their proceedings so that most of the information will remain confidential. Recently Jolie has asked for the judge to be removed as there has been a working relationship with Pitts lawyer who has brought other cases to the private judge. There are no accusations of actual bias by the judge, but the notion of perceived bias is in play. Jolie’s team are contending that the judge should have disclosed his previous dealings with Pitt’s lawyer. In California, there does not need to be actual bias but simply that a person may reasonably entertain doubts of bias based on the information.

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Original Article Posted on:  September 2020

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