How To Prepare For Successful Family Or Marital Mediation

Author: Brian James | | Categories: divorce mediator , family mediation services , mediation training


A divorce or court separation should never be the first approach to a marital or family problem. Mediation is the informal process of resolving disputes with a third-party as the mediator to clarify the misunderstanding between the parties to avoid taking the case to court.

The purpose of mediation is usually to avoid the time and expense of further litigation by settling a disagreement early on in the process, saving emotional turmoil for all children and adults involved. 

Before you dive into either family or marital negotiation, the experts at C.E.L. & Associates, Inc. would like to help you prepare with a few essential suggestions. Each tip below includes recommendations on how to best prepare for a successful family or marital mediation.

1. Avoid misinformation
While self-education and the pursuit of information regarding successful mediation are generally good, a word to the wise, be careful about how and where you obtain your advice. Taking the advice of your elders and those with more life experience might seem like a good idea. However, if they have had a bitter divorce, do not like your spouse, or have ulterior motives, taking their advice can be detrimental and cause irreparable harm. Instead, make a firm decision not to poison your mind with negative perspectives, and speak directly with a therapist who practices peaceful divorces, and family mediation will keep you close to the ones you love and always in the right.

2. Figure out precisely what you want out of the mediation process
Before approaching a marital or family mediator for assistance, it is necessary to sit down with your thoughts and truly understand what you expect out of the experience. Talk to your trusted confidants who you know have your and your family’s best interest in mind and clarify what you hope to achieve through mediation.

3. Keep your expectations realistic
Without a doubt, peaceful mediation between families and spouses is a significant step in the right direction. This being said, it is wise not to hope or expect your problems will dissipate instantly or your partner will become calm and pleasant overnight. Keep your expectations in check and hope for the best. Staying positive and extra-supportive is the best route to successful family and divorce mediation. 

4. Prepare mentally for an uncomfortable and straightforward conversation 
All mediations necessitate the discussion of family matters that are sometimes difficult to recount and painful to recall. Mediation is about reaching agreements, and it begins at the very first meeting. You must be in the right frame of mind to discuss everything. Divorce and family mediation is an emotional process, but when you are mentally prepared, it does make it easier.

5. Remember to have patience
Peacefully settling disputes has the potential to make or break a relationship. Still, there may be times where you have a meeting and do not reach agreements. Despite this, have patience with yourself, your partner, and the mediator. No million-dollar deal happened in one session, and your marital or family mediation is no different.

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