Busted! Don’t Believe These Divorce Mediation Myths!

Author: Brian James | | Categories: cheap divorce , divorce attorney , divorce mediation , divorce mediator


Trying to navigate a marriage that has sadly broken down can be emotionally and financially challenging for both partners and their families. Therefore it’s always wise to attempt to mediate rather than getting divorced with attorneys in court. However, many misperceptions mislead clients into believing that divorce mediation may not be productive, which cannot be further from the truth.

To help you avoid major misperceptions, C.E.L & Associates, Inc. has debunked some of the most widely believed myths about divorce mediation.

Myth 1: You cannot successfully mediate if you are fighting with your spouse
It’s a myth! As long as you have an open mind, and do not draw your line in the sand, even the most adversarial couples can make agreements for their children and their finances.

Myth 2: Couples who do not communicate cannot mediate
To the contrary, as long as each partner listens to their spouse and generates options for co-parenting and division of assets, it is possible for almost everyone to mediate their divorce.

Myth 3: You cannot mediate if your spouse has already filed for divorce
Not true! One spouse or both will need an attorney to draft and file documents at the end of mediation. Provided attorneys sit back and let their clients mediate, advocating for themselves in the process, they can advise on the sidelines rather than litigate.

If you’re looking to steer clear of more myths like these and reach a positive conclusion, contact C.E.L & Associates, Inc. As well-known divorce mediators and parenting coordinators in Chicago, IL, our mission is to facilitate conversations among family members during any conflict or transition. Our services include pre-decree divorce agreements, post-decree divorce agreements, marital family mediation, and co-mediation services. We serve clients across Chicago, Libertyville, Rolling Meadows, Northbrook, Kenosha, Crystal Lake, Naperville, and Paddock Lake. 

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