Myths dispelled about divorce mediation in Chicago

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Divorce mediation in Chicago is an alternative way of handling a divorce. Rather than battling the case out in court, the parties collaborate and move toward a peaceful resolution of their case. Since divorce mediation in Chicago is not as common as litigated cases, confusion sometimes surrounds the process. Some misunderstandings include:

Mediation is Only for People Who Get Along

If every party to a dispute got along and was able to work out problems without any help from professionals, lawyers and mediators would not have jobs. Mediation is often used after the parties have attempted to settle their case and failed to do so. It can be an effective way to get the parties to dial down the friction and defensiveness that normally occur with settlement discussions and has worked to resolve even the most contentious of cases.

The Mediator Will Impose an Order

A mediator is a third-party neutral who helps guide the parties in their negotiations with each other. He or she is not a judge or arbitrator. He or she can’t make the parties do anything or agree to anything. His or her sole goal is to help the parties move toward a resolution that they both find acceptable.

Mediation Slows Down the Process

Some people mistakenly believe that mediation will slow down the process because they must take a break from litigation to take part in mediation. However, this is not accurate. Mediation can be used at any stage in the process. Additionally, it often helps save time because the parties are usually able to come to an agreement and bypass court dates and hearings that would have increased the amount of time it would take to get divorced.