Family mediator in Chicago explains three key benefits of mediation

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A family mediator in Chicago may be retained to help parties work out problems plaguing their families, such as issues involving child custody, visitation or child support. A family mediator in Chicago may point out many benefits of mediation including:

Mediation Helps with Communication

If parents have gotten divorced or are no longer involved in a romantic relationship, it can be difficult to relate to the other parent as just another parent. Difficult feelings may cloud the relationship between the former couple, including feelings of betrayal, abandonment, fear, anxiety or anger. A mediator helps parents drop their hostile feelings and establish ground rules so that communication can be productive between the couple.

Mediation Provides Focus

In mediation, the mediator discusses the alternative of going to court and what this process may entail. He or she can discuss how parenting responsibility decisions are reached and the invasive practices of the court. The mediator can get the parties to focus on their children and making decisions that are best for their family, guiding them through this complex process while demonstrating empathy for both parties.

Mediation Provides Options

In mediation, parties maintain control over the proceedings. They retain the ability to make important decisions about aspects of their life such as when they will see their children and how they will raise them, rather than handing over this power to someone who may only meet the parents on one day in court. This allows the parties to come up with virtually any agreement they deem appropriate provided it is fair and within the confines of the law. This allows them to use creative solutions to create a family plan even if the ultimate agreement is unconventional or not what the court likely would have ordered. In this way, mediation provides many more options than the parties can access through the courts.