Divorce mediator in Chicago demystifies myths

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Part of the job of a divorce mediator in Chicago is to dispel misconceptions about the process of mediation. Some common myths that a divorce mediator in Chicago hears include:

We Aren’t Capable of Mediating

Some parties believe that they cannot successfully mediate because they have problems communicating with each other. However, mediators have helped bring about positive solutions even when parties are particularly contentious. Mediators help provide an objective viewpoint and information to keep the parties focused on the real issues at hand rather than repeating the poor communication that defined their marriage. Mediators are also skilled handling difficult emotions and helping parties to make rational decisions that they believe are fair.

Litigation is the Only Way to Do Right by My Kids

Some parties may believe that the only way that they can ensure that they receive adequate time with their kids is to battle it out in court. However, this strategy often puts kids in the middle of the battle, making them insecure and literally making them choose between the parents. Most parents who are divorcing can admit, even if reluctantly, that the other parent is a good parent. Rather than acting as enemies, parents can use the mediation process to help draft a parenting plan that works best for their family and puts their children’s needs first.

I Can’t Pick the Mediator

One of the benefits of mediation is the ability to select your own mediator. Every mediator has a different skillset, approach and set of experiences. The parties are able to agree and select the mediator of their choosing. Important characteristics to look for include a strong understanding of divorce laws, the ability to gain each party’s trusts and the ability to help come up with creative solutions.