Head off divorce with marital mediation in Mchenry County Illinois

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While marriage counseling has helped many married couples who are struggling with various issues, sometimes other options like marital mediation in McHenry County Illinois are more appropriate. Marital counseling tends to explore the emotional aspect of issues and is designed for participants to analyze certain aspects of their life. Sometimes no resolution is reached and the parties simply learn to accept circumstances without coming to a mutually beneficial solution. Marital mediation in McHenry County Illinois emphasizes a more practical and efficient approach when actual solutions are needed.

Spouses may reach an impasse in their marriage because they are unable to reach a decision on their own. Mediation can occur at any point in the process, so it is not necessary for the parties to be separated or to have filed a petition to divorce. They can even pursue this method of resolution when their marriage is happy but they are simply bogged down by a seemingly unsolvable problem.

Mediation works by employing the use of a skilled mediator who is trained in conflict resolution skills. He or she puts these skills to work by asking pointed questions, discovering underlying issues and facilitating ways to solve problems. The mediator often has a legal background and can use this knowledge to provide better clarity to both parties who may not have considered the consequences of taking a legal action like divorce, such as handing decision making power over to a judge or splitting up the family finances according to state-specific schedules and rules.

Mediation often instills better communication methods in parties who need immediate solutions. They can then put these skills to work the next time that a conflict arises, making it more likely that they will be able to solve problems that arise during the course of their marriage. At the end of successful marital mediation, the parties craft practical solutions to their marital issues and preserve their marriage in the process.