Why not litigate neighborhood disputes in Mchenry County Illinois

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Neighborhood disputes in McHenry County Illinois can arise for a number of reasons, including a person not following condo association rules, someone violating a homeowners’ association rule or noise issues. While parties to neighborhood disputes in McHenry County Illinois may believe that filing a lawsuit is the only answer, taking such drastic action is often not advisable due to the following factors:


Litigation is almost always very expensive. There is also no guaranty that someone will win just because he or she has strong convictions about his or her side of the case. Other options such as mediation are a fraction of the cost and also reap other benefits.


Litigation is a time-consuming process. There may be any number of motions that can cause even longer delays. When neighbors are quarrelling, it is often much better to work out a concrete solution within a specific, limited period of time.


In court, there are few remedies available. The court may order a neighbor to stop doing something or may provide monetary damages. However, mediation provides an opportunity for people involved in conflict to work out more creative solutions that will benefit them.

Preservation of Relationships

After being sued and having a judge decide issues between neighbors, there is often a lack of trust and a negative relationship between the parties. Mediation is often a much more amicable process that allows the parties to be amicable and neighborly after resolving the dispute.