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Check out our family and divorce mediation services. Contact our Chicago Divorce Mediators at C.E.L. & Associates, Inc. to learn more about the Divorce Mediation & Parenting Coordinator Services we provide in Chicago, Libertyville, Rolling Meadows, Northbrook, Kenosha, Crystal Lake, Naperville & Paddock Lake.

  • Pre-Decree Divorce Agreements

    Pre-Decree Divorce Agreements

    Divorce mediation for pre-decree divorce means that a couple spend time with a neutral divorce mediator to discuss the issues before or at the same time they are working with attorneys to resolve the Issues.

  • Post-Decree Divorce Agreements

    Post-Decree Divorce Agreements

    Post-divorce decree mediation typically happens when communication has broken down between the parties or one person wants to change a parenting schedule.

  • Marital/Family Mediation

    Marital/Family Mediation

    Family & marital mediation helps couples resolve issues they may be having in their marriage regardless of whether they are ready to discuss the possibility of a divorce.

  • Co-Mediation Services

    Co-Mediation Services

    Co-Mediation offers more than twice the benefits of solo practitioner mediation. mediation is the most effective, efficient and cost-effective way

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    These people are angels! They helped me through an excruciatingly painful and difficult divorce, and brought reason and sanity to the whole process. All done with dignity and fairness, and even a sense of humor when needed. And at a fraction of what my attorney cost, while offering more substantial resolution skills. I am convinced Brian and Ellen have the knowledge, experience, and compassion to help anyone in difficulty. I am forever grateful to them!

    Laurie R.

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