Family Law Attorney Testimonials

I highly recommend Brian's mediation services! He is extremely skilled, knowledgeable, efficient, thorough, and effective. I know he puts clients at ease during a difficult and oftentimes, highly stressful, part of their lives. His experience in family law helps clients feel empowered and in control of their futures. Thank you, Brian!!
Colleen Breems

Brian James was a great assistance to my client in mediating his divorce and parenting issues. The parties were able to limit their litigation and attorney's fees by working out the majority of their issues in mediation. Brian also worked closely with both attorneys as we drafted the final documents to ensure they accurately reflected the mediated agreement. During the drafting process some issues arose and Brian was able to get the parties back in to discuss and work out those issues quickly.
Erin Masters

CEL & Associates provides outstanding mediation services. I have sent all varieties of divorce cases to Brian & Ellen and they have achieved amazing results, even in the most high conflict or complex cases. Their exemplary customer service and effective mediation strategies have helped many litigants resolve their disputes without having to resort to extremely costly and stressful litigation. I highly recommend CEL & Associates to any individuals who are in need of mediation.
Kelly Collins

Brian James is a highly experienced top notch divorce mediator. As a divorce attorney I have worked with Brian's clients for years. By the time they come to me Brian's clients have a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding that covers all of the decisions a divorcing couple will need to make in order to avoid the cost and acrimony of divorcing through a court process. Brian is so thorough that I have been able to offer whichever spouse hires me a flat fee to prepare legal documents and go to court to finalize the divorce. Any divorcing couple would be wise to opt for mediation with Brian James rather than going right to the court system to initiate a divorce.
Tamara Marshall

As a family law attorney, I recommended Brian James and Ellen Feldman to many clients to help them go through the divorce process. Brian and Ellen do an incredible job by guiding the couple through the process which in many cases is acrimonious. I recommend all couples who have made the difficult decision to divorce to reach out to Brian and Ellen and learn more about the mediation process.
Eva Matela-Kogut

Brian is an excellent Family Law mediator. He handles the process of mediation wonderfully as he guides the parties through tough transitions and decisions as it relates to their relationship and family. Brian is extremely well versed in the issues that need to be covered in the agreements (both financial and as to the children). As a family law attorney, I am thankful for Brian's work as a mediator because it makes my job smoother!
Diana Lopez

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