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Divorce mediation services can be arranged during all phases of the divorce process. Our divorce mediators primarily help couples through separation, divorce and post-decree issues and assist the break-up of their marriage and re-structuring of their family unit.

For clients who choose to complete the divorce process without the assistance of an attorney/attorneys, we are able to draft the required legal documents for you to take to your county's Clerk's Office for filing. This will save you both money and time vs. hiring lawyers to draft the legal documents for you.

A divorce decree or “divorce judgment” in some states—is a record that marks the legal end of your marriage. A court issues it when your divorce is final. Pre-decree includes anything that transpires before the finalization of the divorce. It can consist of mediation, evaluations, Drafting the Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage, drafting the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, and drafting the Marital Settlement Agreement. It can also include pretrial motions (restraining orders, orders of protection, petitions for temporary custody, etc.) and pretrial conferences with a judge.

Divorce decree agreement in Polk County, Wisconsin
A divorce decree is the final step in the divorce court proceedings for a divorce. It consists of all the essential information about the court’s decision. In simpler words, the decree is a binding legal court order that spells out what you and your partner must do moving forward. Upon the agreement being reached, your settlement is presented to the court in writing or communicated in the courtroom record. The judge then checks what you have decided on and determines if it is fair and following the law. If so, the court will give a decree that includes all the terms of your settlement. This becomes a binding court order.

Why choose us
At CEL & Associates, our role in such a case is to be an impartial professional that works with the husband and the wife. That means we cannot advise either party and act as a lawyer for either party. We empower the couple to have an open session; we carry out facts and data that each spouse should be familiar with in facilitating what they are trying to accomplish. Couples are more advised to have multiple sessions since all communications from mediation are confidential. Moreover, such a free exchange of information helps both spouses negotiate confidently and reach a conclusion.

Contact us, and our trusted mediators in Polk County will do whatever they can to help you and your family to get through the challenging time.

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Though courthouses are slowly opening back up, and people are starting to attend court dates in person, successfully mediated cases will continue to be heard in court via Zoom in some counties. Imagine, one brief Zoom appearance and your divorce is finalized. Since March 2020, except for a handful of clients, we have conducted our mediation sessions exclusively via Zoom. Though we were skeptical at first, we have been pleasantly surprised with the following observations: our clients are more civil toward each other, they are completing mediation more efficiently, which lessens the overall cost and time it takes to get divorced, and their ability to co-parent their children remains intact, as they not "burning bridges" during the divorce. At C.E.L. & Associates, Inc., Zoom is here to stay.

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