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Divorce mediation services can be arranged during all phases of the divorce process. Our divorce mediators primarily help couples through separation, divorce and post-decree issues and assist the break-up of their marriage and re-structuring of their family unit.

For clients who choose to complete the divorce process without the assistance of an attorney/attorneys, we are able to draft the required legal documents for you to take to your county's Clerk's Office for filing. This will save you both money and time vs. hiring lawyers to draft the legal documents for you.

Parenting Coordinators help high conflict divorced parents implement plans and clarify legal agreements when parenting time and decision-making have already been determined and are legally binding. A parenting coordinator helps with time-sharing arrangements during holidays and summer, facilitating exchanges, school-related decisions, sorting out extra-curricular activities, or monitoring compliance with a parenting plan.

Parenting Coordinators in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
The primary goal of the Parenting Coordinators (PC) process is to help parents to settle disputes about their parenting plan. Parenting coordinators utilize a range of interventions— from sharing resources and negotiating agreements to receiving evidence and making crucial decisions where it is in the child’s best interests. Our PCs work thoughtfully with each set of parents to help them understand the most effective co-parenting style and find the most valuable resources to help them do that. They are efficient mediators when a decision needs to be made.

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CEL & Associates Parenting Coordinators in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin enter into private agreements with the parents. These contracts are generally for two years but will be settled between the parents, counsel and the Parenting Coordinator. As parenting coordinators, we cannot create or modify parenting arrangements. Our goal is to relieve moderate to high-conflict parents by enhancing communication, learning effective negotiation strategies, and developing skills to reduce conflict. The Parenting Coordination process may involve training, education, mediation, and arbitration.

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Though courthouses are slowly opening back up, and people are starting to attend court dates in person, successfully mediated cases will continue to be heard in court via Zoom in some counties. Imagine, one brief Zoom appearance and your divorce is finalized. Since March 2020, except for a handful of clients, we have conducted our mediation sessions exclusively via Zoom. Though we were skeptical at first, we have been pleasantly surprised with the following observations: our clients are more civil toward each other, they are completing mediation more efficiently, which lessens the overall cost and time it takes to get divorced, and their ability to co-parent their children remains intact, as they not "burning bridges" during the divorce. At C.E.L. & Associates, Inc., Zoom is here to stay.

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