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Divorce mediation services can be arranged during all phases of the divorce process. Our divorce mediators primarily help couples through separation, divorce and post-decree issues and assist the break-up of their marriage and re-structuring of their family unit.

For clients who choose to complete the divorce process without the assistance of an attorney/attorneys, we are able to draft the required legal documents for you to take to your county's Clerk's Office for filing. This will save you both money and time vs. hiring lawyers to draft the legal documents for you.

As experienced mediators in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, we facilitate conversations through an honest, straightforward, and respectful approach. We are committed to guiding couples to a resolution that works for their situation while being accepted by the court. This includes parenting agreements, financial arrangements, asset division, and relationship restructuring after separation. Working with an experienced mediator gives you and your partner control over your decisions - instead of the court deciding for you. We will help you understand your options and explain the process so you can make a confident decision on how you wish to proceed.

What exactly is mediation?
Think of it this way. You and your spouse have decided to file for divorce. Emotions run high, and neither of you can make concrete decisions without resorting to conflict. It is just words flying all over the place with no productive result. You are exhausted, stressed, and worried. While you do have the option to go to court and fight it there, it could cost you a substantial amount of money in legal fees. And even if you choose to do so, the outcome may not always be in your family's best interest.

Now, if you work with a mediator, you are in control of the end result. You and your spouse decide on the divorce details and protect your children from additional stress. A mediator helps you have conversations about important things constructively and respectfully. They create an engaging process that ensures both parties feel heard and valued. By paying attention to every concern, they pinpoint the issues that need to be addressed and guide the conversation to a productive result. Couples are able to make equitable decisions compliant with the law and move on with their lives peacefully.

Divorce mediation services in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
CEL & Associates provides divorce mediation and parent coordinator services across Sheboygan, Indiana. We help couples make better decisions regarding parenting, property, finances, and other settlement issues. With over 20 years of combined experience, we have worked with couples across Sheboygan, Indiana, and helped them resolve their divorce peacefully.

If you would like to learn more about our divorce mediation services in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, please give us a call.

Online Mediation

Working Toward What Is Best For Your Entire Family

Though courthouses are slowly opening back up, and people are starting to attend court dates in person, successfully mediated cases will continue to be heard in court via Zoom in some counties. Imagine, one brief Zoom appearance and your divorce is finalized. Since March 2020, except for a handful of clients, we have conducted our mediation sessions exclusively via Zoom. Though we were skeptical at first, we have been pleasantly surprised with the following observations: our clients are more civil toward each other, they are completing mediation more efficiently, which lessens the overall cost and time it takes to get divorced, and their ability to co-parent their children remains intact, as they not "burning bridges" during the divorce. At C.E.L. & Associates, Inc., Zoom is here to stay.

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